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Mineral water

Only one thing is more valuable than water:

The Earth has a seemingly endless supply of water. About 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered with water, yet only one per cent of it is drinkable. 

Today, over 1.2 billion people do not have access to clean drinking water – and in the future this number is expected to rise. Water is arguably the most valuable natural resource on the planet and mineral water is its most precious form. It flows underground from its natural source, permeating thick layers of mineral-rich stone on its way to the surface. Protected from all impurities, it emerges pure and clear only in a few rare places on the Earth. The best of these waters are particularly rich in minerals and provide the human body with important physiological benefits. 

Like the mineral waters from Bad Vilbel. Which is why the mineral waters from the HassiaGroup are so valuable and unique.

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Richness in every sip

Every sip is full of richness: Mineral water belongs to a modern lifestyle

Enjoy replenishing your body with freshness – that is the secret of all mineral waters and refreshment drinks produced by HassiaGroup. They are beverages to be relished for their sheer healthiness, whether at mealtime, after sports or recreation, with a glass of wine, on the road, at a party or while preparing meals for children. HassiaGroup has the right drink for every occasion.. In addition, the consistent high quality of Hassia brands has been greatly appreciated by retailers, restaurants and catering services.

Tasty, nutritious, natural and derived from the best sources, HassiaGroup creates refreshments for both mind and body. Enjoy richness in every sip.