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“RUNNING – Das Laufmagazin” – The magazine for runners

Rosbacher Klassisch two-time test winner!

In its 11/2008 issue, the renowned “RUNNING – Das Laufmagazin” magazine conducted a comprehensive mineral water test. The result? Two gold medals for Rosbacher Klassisch!

Receiving the mark “very good”, the 2:1 mineral water was rated best in the following categories:

  • Sports drinks
  • Long-term consumption

Rosbacher is test winnerSpecifically, the individual and overall mineralisation as well as the proportion of the minerals to each other were drawn upon for the evaluation and weighed differently depending on their “area of use” for either sport or long-term consumption.

Aside from the overall mineralisation, the mineral water test conducted by the magazine primarily judged the amount of minerals, calcium, magnesium, sodium, sulphate, hydrocarbonates as well as the specific proportion of calcium to magnesium prevalent in the 12 tested varieties/brands.

Rosbacher Sport rated highly by “RUNNING – Das Laufmagazin”!

In its 6/2009 issue, “RUNNING – Das Laufmagazin”conducted a sports drinks test specifically for leisure and popular sports and judged Rosbacher Sport to be particularly recommendable.

“RUNNING – Das Laufmagazin” is an endurance sports magazine published monthly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as in other German-speaking areas and in some of Europe’s holiday destinations. The running magazine focuses on reports that cover running events and contains a section for practical advice that picks up on the latest scientific sport findings from medicine and athlete nutrition as well as product information and training-related issues.

Consumer magazine “Öko-Test” – mineral water test

Rosbacher Medium and Lichtenauer Medium both rated “very good”

Lichtenauer and Rosbacher rated “very good”In the comprehensive mineral water test conducted by the consumer magazine “Öko-Test” in its 7/2009 issue, Rosbacher Medium was rated with the quality assessment “very good”. Lichtenauer Medium also received the quality assessment “very good” in the category “Suitable for baby food”, the category under which the mineral water falls.

“Öko-Test” judged a total of 149 waters and, among other things, tested whether or not the content lived up to what the label promised.

The German-language consumer magazine “Öko-Test” examines products from all industries that are used in everyday life such as, for example, cosmetics, baby food, detergents, pain killers or laptops. In each of the magazine’s issues, there are up to 12 different tests conducted on more than 200 products. During the product examination, the focus is on the product’s health-related risks and its environmental compatibility; additionally, the use of products and services is tested.

“MedicalSportsNetwork” – The magazine for medicine and sports

Medical Sports CoverIn 2009 alone, the “MedicalSportsNetwork” magazine published five topical articles that dealt with the added value of Rosbacher.

You’ll find the German articles here:
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“MedicalSportsNetwork” is a German-language magazine for sports medicine. The magazine publishes the findings of Germany’s leading experts in sports medicine, sports science as well as from other specialised areas. Informative and practice-related articles from medicine, prevention, therapy, nutrition and sporting life create the magazine’s editorial framework – scientifically based and presented in a generally understandable way.