Rosbacher – With the perfect 2:1 ratio

Perfect 2:1 ratio of calcium and magnesiumRosbacher is the mineral water with the unique 2:1 ratio of calcium and magnesium. Two parts calcium and one part magnesium is the ideal mix for the human body, which makes use of these minerals in exactly these proportions. This makes Rosbacher the perfect mineral water for athletes – and for high performance in general.

Because of its special mineralisation, Rosbacher is the beverage of choice for many amateur athletes as well as internationally successful top athletes, such as Michael Schumacher and Satoko Urata. Many prestigious sports schools, sports clubs as well as the "Olympiastützpunkt Hessen" (Olympic Training Centre of the German Federal State of Hesse) are devoted fans of Rosbacher.

The Rosbacher family caters to all needs: Rosbacher mineral water is ideal for physical fitness, while Rosbacher drive is the ideal support for mental fitness: it provides quick and long-term energy – for improved reflexes and concentration.