LIZ - the perfect combination of exceptional design, function and pleasure

LIZ Sparkling and Still with reusable spout

  • LIZ is the mineral water which is always served from the carafe. Elegant design “Made in Germany”.
  • Only LIZ has the unique Spout. The silver spout completes the carafe to the top of the design. LIZ fits perfectly into the interplay of unusual décor and haute cuisine of fine dining.
  • Balanced mineralization. Low in Sodium. Therefore allows adequate time for fine food and wine to develop.
  • Available in two sizes - 0,35 L and 0,75 L - and in Still and Sparkling.
  • Developed in collaboration with Hessen’s one and only 3-Michelin Star Chef: Juan Amador.

LIZ – for horeca only. If you like to serve this perfectly designed bottle to your prestigious guests, please contact us.