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Since ancient times, water has been known as a source of vitality

Picture: Roman mosaic around 1.800 A.D.The most beautiful Roman mosaic floor north of the River Main is found in Bad Vilbel (Germany) – a town which has contributed significantly to the history of European spa culture. In ancient times, for relaxation and regeneration, Romans frequented its thermal baths, famous for their mosaics and the precious mineralised waters which came from the Bad Vilbel springs.

Picture: Old town of Bad Vilbel In the 16th century, doctors began recommending mineral water as an exceptionally healthy beverage. Originally sold in clay jugs, a flourishing trade of Bad Vilbel waters began at this time – which continues to this day. Amongst European spa towns, Bad Vilbel enjoys a special reputation, because of its unique abundance of mineral water sources and related businesses.

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