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Since ancient times, water has been known as a source of vitality.

The most beautiful Roman mosaic floor north of the River Main is found in Bad Vilbel (Germany) – a town which has contributed significantly to the history of European spa culture. In ancient times, for relaxation and regeneration, Romans frequented its thermal baths, famous for their mosaics and the precious mineralised waters which came from the Bad Vilbel springs.

Old town of Bad Vilbel In the 16th century, doctors began recommending mineral water as an exceptionally healthy beverage. Originally sold in clay jugs, a flourishing trade of Bad Vilbel waters began at this time – which continues to this day. Amongst European spa towns, Bad Vilbel enjoys a special reputation, because of its unique abundance of mineral water sources and related businesses.

A strong sense of family as the source of success

Johann Philipp Wilhelm Hinkel had been selling water from the extraordinary well on his property since 1864. But it was not until his son, Fritz Hinkel, took over operations in 1898 that the real success story of "Hassia Mineralbrunnen" began. A success story which has been associated with the family name of Hinkel ever since. By the 1920s, “Hassia” had become one of the region’s leading mineral water brands. When a further mineral spring was discovered in the Bad Vilbel spa park in 1937, the influence of the family business reached a national scale.

The continuing long-term success of Hassia can be attributed to its excellent mineral waters combined with a strong sense of family. “Hassia” is the latin Name of “Hesse”, the name of the federal state famous for its spas and health resorts in the heart of Germany where Hassia is based.

Johann Philipp Wilhelm Hinkel made good use of the wellspring on his property in Vilbel. With “Hassia Sprudel”, the great grandfather of today’s managing shareholder, Günter Hinkel, founded a family business whose success continues to this day.

Moving with the times and growing

Healthy growth and reliability is what characterises the HassiaGroup and its subsidiary companies with more than 1,300 employees based in eight locations. It is one of the largest and most well-known mineral water companies in Germany today, selling more than one billion bottles annually – taking into account all mineral waters and carbonated soft drinks combined. Throughout Germany, the HassiaGroup stands for high quality mineral water which is derived from deep layers of rocks as well as innovative soft drinks with natural flavours and unique profiles. A traditional family-run business and innovation are not contradictions, but a guarantee for quality and personal commitment.

From generation to generation

From father to son, from one generation to the next – with growing success. This is the principle that has made the HassiaGroup from Bad Vilbel successful for more than 150 years.