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Burning of Young Life

Accept the world  as it is, and always trying the best of potentiality - that's the smart, pragmatic lifestyle of the creative young people, who love VITA COLA. This  attitude is just as refreshing as the taste of VITA COLA. With ten different flavours, VITA COLA is a perennial favorite in the Cola and lemonade drinks : as NO. 1 in Thüringen and NO. 2 in East Germany.


It is a naturally-energetic reawakener without taurine, artificial sweeteners and preservatives: the new VITA ENERGY. Available in the two fruity-fresh flavours: peach passion fruit and red grape Açaí, VITA ENERGY takes burning for Action to a whole new level.

The VITA Range - Always Refreshing

VITA Cola Original and its four unique friends make a perfect VITA Cola Family. Whether the flavours are citrus kick, pure, sugar-free or wild cola-orange mix,  everyone will discover their favorite VITA. The VITA lemonade citron , orange , exotic summer varieties like Caribic, Brazil and Exotic are refreshingly different and extra fruity. we promise you, that VITA family is definitely without artificial aromas or flavouring!