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It might be a little self-adulation but it´s true: BIONADE is 100 % organic and attaches great importance to regional ingredients as well as to social and sustainable commitment.

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To prevent you guys from asking us about the “red BIONADE” or the “BIONADE with ginger or something” we have all the information you need on our website. Go and dive into our diversity!

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Organic Ingredients

Almost anyone can just print the organic seal on their label. We take this seriously, that´s why all our plant-based ingredients like fruits and herbs are 100% grown in controlled organic environments.

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Our Values

People who drink BIONADE probably know that we stand for refreshment, 100% organic ingredients and low sugar. We say it often enough in our advertising. But, as a brand with real values, we stand for so much more too. And you should know about that as well.

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Our guiding principle: we want to work in a way that is respectful of both society and nature. That´s why responsibility, respect, honesty, fairness and transparency guides us through all stages. But there is so much more to know!

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Production Process

We would like to present you a short explanation of our production process but it´s way too complex to explain it here. That´s why you should click on the link below to find out how we make BIONADE.